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Message:Hi David, Thanks for all the trouble i put you guys through. Finally, i got all my things this morning. I was amazed that all my stuffs are the way it was...not a single thing have been damaged. I couldn't believe it. Anyway, i take back everything i said earlier. I think, PM relocation kolkata did fantastic job except this one month halt in port. I would probably recommend other friends around in USA that i know of to take a look at your company in case they need to ship something. I am very happy that all my stuffs are in great condition. -sanjay

Name:Mohapatra, Priyadarshi
Message:Hi Mahendra, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Team at P.M.Relocations who took care of my relocations to Mumbai. The team not only showed expertise in packing and unpacking but also took care of all the stuff as their own, and we were pleasantly surprised to find our goods in absolutely good condition in Mumbai. I must mention that car transfer was done in an extremely professional manner with me getting regular updates from the time it left b’lore to the time I got the car in Mumbai.

Name:Berit Ågard Sarin
Location:Norwey embassy
Message:Dear AAKANKSHA, I had wanted to contact for a long time, but the time has been passing too quickly. Please know that my household goods arrived beautifully in Norway last month. The packing done was excellent and there was very little damage. I have unfortunately completely forgotten to send the evaluation form but will do so quickly. Please convey our thanks to your team that did the packing. They did an excellent job and I would not hesitate to use your company once again. All the best to you.

Name:Brij Kathuriah
Location:New Delhi
Message:Dear Himanshu Thanks for your help in shifting , everything seems of have gone well and your helpfulness in the matter is most appreciated We wish you good luck with your future endeavors

Name:Venkatesh M
Message:Dear Himanshu, I am extremely happy to share that your team did excellent job in Packing/Loading my belongings (Luggages) from Chennai to Bangalore... Also, i am glad to share that my luggages were delivered on time as promised in Bangalore [ infact unloading is ongoing in my Bangalore Home while i am floating this mail]... Thank you once again !!!!!

Name:Biswajit Choudhury
Message:Himanshu: I have not been able to take your and return calls. This is due to my travel plan and US visitors for this week. Please make note of appreciation that your team has done is exceptional. Eshwar, john are terrific. I shall do all my relocation with you and even recommend others. I shall get in touvh with you as soon as I get back in Bangalore this week.

Name:Alasdair Boyd
Message:Dear Ruby, My shipment arrived yesterday without a problem. Thanks very much for all your help. Best wishes, Alasdair

Name:Berit Ågard Sarin
Location:Norway embassy, First Secretary/Consul
Message:Dear Alok, I wanted to send you the form back with the evaluation, but think I will do that once we have received the container in Oslo. I will, however, for now say that we were very happy with the way your office handled everything and also with the packers. They were very professional and their packing was very good. In addition they wer very courteous, helpful and polite. It is difficult to point at anyone in particular, but would like to give special mention to Clive and Arun. The form will be sent you later.

Name:Pratap Singh
Message:abnm is the best

Message:Good Morning Ruby, Thanks for the excellent customer service you have provided for my shipment. At all times I was informed about the status of my container and you did a great job communicating all important details to me. Moving within continents is stressful but you guys made it easy. My shipment has arrived safely and it really helped to have one point of contact in your company. Keep up the professionalism and I wish you much more success in the future. I will highly recommend your company to others. Regards, Akhil Dua

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